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For me, questions about child safety started when my brother Adam and his wife Anne gave birth to Benjamin (pictured above). The importance of child safety has stayed with me over the years and I longed for a place to get sheets filled with tips before I shopped. There are so many potential hazards in our children's environment from incorrect use of products or from products not well designed for their intended purpose.

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Since the creation of this site, I too now have a son, an infant named Boaz and my interest in keeping him safe has expanded to include issues like circumcision, and products like enfamil.

These free tips are largely taken from publications I gathered from the Consumer Product Safety Commission website. They are meant to help you when buying products, teach you how to use them, keep them in good repair, and how to properly dispose of a product if it becomes a hazard.

In sincere hope that you and yours take good care.

This site is dedicated to My Nephew Benjamin and my Brother Adam; featured in the image above.

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